Join us in Toronto on OCT 16 – Oct 18, 2023 for the 2nd annual Canadian Human Connection Conference

Join us in Toronto on OCT 30 – NOV 1, 2023 for the 2nd annual Canadian Human Connection Conference

Rebuilding a Connected Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many of us to the importance of human connection for health, happiness, well-being and the betterment of society. Now more than ever, it is important for schools, businesses, community leaders and individuals to invest time in understanding the importance of human connection for individual health and well-being, for the organizations and institutions that house our employees, students and communities, and for the betterment of the society which we are all apart of today and will leave behind for future generations.  Decades of research have demonstrated that social connection and social support are powerful positive determinants of mental and physical health, and that social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness have powerful negative consequences for individual health and well-being across the life course. 

Yet, social health is often side-lined, de-prioritized, and de-emphasized in our schools, workplaces, and even in our health and social care services. The time is now to ramp up the awareness and knowledge around the importance of human connection to our overall well-being.

The GenWell Project, in partnership with the Canadian Alliance For Social Connection and Health, is pleased to announce the 2023 Canadian Human Connection Conference, which will take place on October 16th – Oct 18th, 2023, in Toronto, Canada. CHCC 2023 is an interdisciplinary conference, welcoming researchers, policy makers, healthcare providers, and business and community members to join and share the latest evidence and experiences about how we can work together to rebuild a connected Canada. Presenters with expertise in any field relevant to social connection are encouraged to attend.

Conference Details

CHCC 2023 will be an in person event held in Toronto, Canada, with plans to stream some, if not all of the content, as possible.  The event will start on the evening of October 16th with an event/reception, and have both October 17th and 18th focused on sharing content and providing more opportunities for the attending community to connect and share thoughts, perspectives, and ideas.

Registration for the virtual conference will open shortly, visit to register or sign up for the GenWell Project mailing list to stay on top of updates!

Presentation Formats

We are accepting proposals for multiple presentation formats, including those listed below. You may also propose an alternative format that might work better for you.

1. Short Oral Presentation

Duration: 8-minute individual presentation & participation in facilitated panel discussion (total 60 minutes)

Ideal for research and evaluation findings, program or campaign reviews, and project results. The Programming Committee will group accepted proposals thematically into panels with 4 different presentations. Due to the virtual format, all presenters/panelists will be asked to prepare a brief, pre-recorded oral presentation (maximum 8 minutes) and will participate in a live facilitated Q&A session on the panel topic with panelists and audience members.

2. Workshop

Duration: 60 Minutes
Ideal for live presentations involving skills development, knowledge exchange, capacity building, or interdisciplinary or interprofessional dialogue. Each workshop will last 60 minutes, and should include 20 minutes of engagement or discussion with the audience. These presentations should be interactive and focus on dynamic exchanges or discussions among participants.

3. Roundtable Discussion

Duration: 60 Minutes
Ideal for live, interactive conversations amongst attendees on issues critical to the community. This can include broader discussions about systemic issues, access to care and services, and community responses to the CHCC 2022 theme, Disrupt and Reconstruct. Each session will last 60 minutes and should be led by the presenter(s)/panelist(s).

4. Curated Panel

Duration: 60 Minutes

Ideal for discussing an issue in greater detail with multiple experts. Integrated panels should include 3-4 brief, pre-recorded presentations and at least 20 minutes for a live facilitated Q&A session with the presenters/panelists. Proposals should identify all relevant presenters/panelists as well as a moderator for the 60-minute session.

5. Poster Presentation

Virtual Poster Exhibit

Ideal for sharing health promotion and education campaigns, artwork, research summaries, or program descriptions/updates. CHCC 2022 will include live scheduled poster viewing sessions with authors/presenters, as well as a virtual poster exhibit that will be accessible on the conference platform throughout the duration of the conference. Each presenter has the option to submit a poster (i.e., PDF or PPT file) or a pre-recorded video or audio presentation (maximum 10 minutes). If you are interested in using a different format or have questions about the poster presentation format, exhibit, or viewing sessions, please contact

Are You Able
to Volunteer?

The Canadian Human Connection Conference is a volunteer-driven event. If you are interested in serving as an abstract reviewer or a session facilitator, please contact us at

Questions, Concerns

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the project or application process, please feel free to contact the Programming Committee at


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