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Why Human Connection?

As Canada emerges from the global pandemic, Canadians from all walks of life are facing compounding challenges in the workplace, classroom, community, and home. Recovering from much of a two-year lockdown, a circumstance that most could never have imagined, will take time and energy, and each of us must play a role in supporting people through the transition.

From workplaces finding the equilibrium to a hybrid workplace and recognizing the power of connection, healthcare managing the implications of a disconnected society, to schools focusing greater attention on the social skills and confidence of their students, and to individuals and communities recognizing the role that human connection can play to support ourselves and those around us, there has never been a time of greater need for understanding the power of human connection for health, happiness, longevity and the benefit of society.

This event offers you the chance to work with the pioneering GenWell Project and the Institute for Social Connection and become part of a movement addressing what may well be the defining issue of the next decade.

Your sponsorship of this event will identify your organization as a leader in building a more connected Canada and raise awareness and understanding about the importance of human connection for the health of all Canadians and the betterment of our society.

By participating in this first Canadian Human Connection Conference, you will be seen as a leader in focussing thirty-eight million Canadians on the preventative actions that they can implement for themselves and others, which will lead to happier and healthier homes, streets, communities, classrooms, workplaces across Canada.

Four ways you, your brand or company can support the Canadian Human Connection Conference.

Presenting Sponsor
Contribute to the conversation about the importance of human connection and its role in addressing some of the most important challenges that we face across Canada – issues such as healthcare, well-being, employment, immigration settlement, political polarization and more. Your leadership in this space will be the start of putting your company or brand at the center of this conversation and a more connected Canada.
Movie Night Sponsor – The Great Disconnect
Kick off the conference by sponsoring the opening night bonus movie event. Screened virtually, join Director Tamer Solomon for a virtual showing of his award-winning documentary The Great Disconnect, followed by a panel discussion with Tamer Solomon and GenWell Project founder, Pete Bombaci.
Overtime Sponsor
At the end of each conference day there will be OVERTIME! Overtime provides speakers and attendees an opportunity to get connected and continue the conversations of the day or go deeper on conversations that were not had due to time constraints. Moderated by John Brewer, everyone can participate and be part of the conversation! Choose from two overtime sessions – one on How to be an Agent of Connection, the other on Human Connection and Workplace Culture
Reception Sponsor

Although the Canadian Human Connection Conference is virtual, GenWell is working to host a reception in Toronto on the evening of October 25th. This reception will bring together conference attendees and the human connection champions that have been working hard to build a more connected Canada and world, for many years.

Details on the opportunities that come with each sponsorship level can be quickly aligned with a quick call and a better understanding of your particular needs.

Thank you for considering your support of the Canadian Human Connection Conference. All funds are being used to support the conference, with additional funds going toward the sustainability of The GenWell Project, the Human Connection Movement.

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